Using Twitter For Project Management Communications

Using Twitter For Project Management Communications

Are you looking for new ways to improve project communication? Twitter can provide an interesting solution for small relevant and concise chunks of information that can be tailored to each individual stakeholder group.

Importance Of Project Communication

There is no doubt that effectively communication with project stakeholders directly correlates to increased project success. The impact a stakeholder can have on the project increases exponentially over time and the risk of stakeholder led changes increases as their engagement levels drop, if stakeholders are not actively involved in the project process.

In order for project communication to be effective, they need to be targeted and relevant to each person or stakeholder that you’re trying to keep informed and what better way do keep this message concise then conveying your message with a forced constraint of 140 characters or less, this is one of the greatest assets Twitter has to offer.

Twitter As A Project Communication Tool

But Twitter is a social media tool isn’t? and project communication is all about reports and spreadsheets isn’t it?

Why? Why does project communication always need to be about boring reports and spreadsheet? While at certain times and certain projects, this level of project communication may be required, however,  for most project communications, simply sharing your wins, losses, updates and road blocks is all the project team and stakeholders really want.

Types Of Messages Using Twitter

Some messages that you might consider using Twitter for in your project communication could be:

  • Alerting the project team that a documented has been completed and ready for review
  • Advising the project team that a project document has been approved
  • Sharing the successful completion of a key project milestone
  • Sharing the completion of key project tasks
  • Alerting the project team a new issue has occurred
  • Advising the project team that a key risk is no longer current
  • Sharing a learning from a recent issue that has been closed out

How To Target Audiences Using Twitter

One of the most important communication strategies is keeping communication relevant to each stakeholder group so that they actually read the updates and are not swamped with information that is not aligned to their interests and sensitivities of the project.

In order to do this, it is important to categorise your project team and project stakeholders into groups and target your “tweets” to those groups using #hastags. A Twitter #hashtag should be something that is unique to the project and stakeholder groups. One tip for #hashtags is to keep that as short as possible as they are counted towards your 140 character limit…

List your Twitter #hashtags for your project and let the your stakeholder follow those specific #hashtags that they are interested in.

Keeping Twitter PrivateTwitter privacy for project communications

Using #hastags is a great way to segment your tweets by interest group, but they will still be broadcast to all of your Twitter followers which may not always be appropriate. One way to handle this is to setup a specific Twitter account for the project and mark it as “Private” this will ensure that only the team members and stakeholders that are related to the project are allowed to join.

To do this, Simply log into your Twitter account and under settings, tick the box marked “Protect my Tweets”. Full instructions can be found here

I would love to hear your thoughts and experiences on using Twitter for you projects and how it improved your project communications – hey, why not tweet this article? #Twitterforprojects

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    Very useful article !! No doubt social media is a very power tool for communications and can be used in the project communications. Word of caution is to ensure that CIA characteristics of security information are not compromised. Sure to add value to the project through fast, direct and quick communications among the team members and stakeholders.

    Thanks for the information !!

    • chrisadmin said:

      Thanks Dattatraya,

      Social media is not going to be right for every project, especially defence related ones thats for sure!

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