Project Management Software Integration

We will work with your business to identify and integrate cloud based project management software to suit the needs of your business.

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Dealing With Paper Based Workflows

I know, I know, right now you are probably struggling with a mountain of Excel spreadsheets, from tracking spreadsheets to reporting spreadsheets and a whole range of word and PDF documents. You are probably having trouble finding the right document, controlling versions… Am I right?

It can be better! We have spent years working with company’s reviewing and implementing cloud based project management solutions for our clients across Australia and Asia. We have personally tried and reviewed over 300 of the current cloud based project management software tools available.

Benefits Of Cloud Project Management Software

By implementing cloud based project management software you not only gain an efficient mechanism for managing your projects, but they are also available to access while you are away from your desk. In many cases this gives you access to your project information right from your smartphone, tablet or laptop.

Our Approach

We don’t simply push the latest in project management software, instead, we take time to understand your business, the projects you manage and carefully balance these to your budget and experience levels. We also know that implementing project management software is never a silver bullet, so we also advocate starting with a review of your project management process.

1. Project Process Review and Requirements

By walking through your current project management process, meeting with and discussing the needs of your team enables us to tweak your project management process if needed and recommend a shortlist of cloud project management software tools available that are closely aligned to your current process. This reduces the cost and greatly improves the implementation process.

2. Project Process Gap Report

Our findings and recommendations are provided for tweaking your current project management process to ensure a smooth transition into the glorious world of cloud based project management tools. We can then work with you to implement these changes or side line them.

3. Project Management Software Implementation

By this time we have reviewed several well suited options to your business and industry and we work tirelessly to implement this system into your current workflow. Our aim is for this to be as invisible as possible to you and your teams.

4. Group Training & Review

Don’t worry we wont give you a recommendation report and send you on your way! We will facilitate group training to ensure everyone understands the new project management software toolset and how to use it effectively. These can split between your staff and management training, so your senior staff can take advantage of the additional reporting and analytics these tools bring.

5. Ongoing Support

We generally like to check in on you from time to time over the next few months while you are running you new project management system under real world conditions. During this time we are available for any further tweaking and to answer any user questions that may come up.

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