Project Management Service

If Project Management is not your core business, then our project management service is your answer. Simply tight on resources, have a mission critical project that must be delivered on time or just want the “done for you” solution?

We can provide you with a single project manager or an entire project team that will get the project done. Our project management service engagements are normally 3 to 12 months, depending on the project size and complexity. We work on your behalf, becoming part of your organisation, and act with full transparency and with your best interests in mind .

Striking Group’s project management service

Our project management service is designed to be completely hassle free. We will assign a project manager or project team and do everything that needs to be done to ensure your project is delivered on time and on budget, allowing you to leverage the core skills of your business and staff and leaving the project management to the specialists.

Perfect when you need to impress a client or that project that simply must come in on time and budget.

With the constant delays from overseas we still shake our head in disbelief that not only did they complete the project but actually completed it ahead of schedule and under budget.

 – Mark Fishwick, Chairman, Ambient Group

Our Project Management ApproachCertified Project Management Service

So that you can be confident in our quality, we follow international standards and best practices, we don’t profess to use “proprietary systems” (which is just best practice with a few different words). Striking Group’s project management service consultants will review your project requirements and use the most suitable framework to get the project done:

  • PMI’s Project Management Body of knowledge (PMBOK)
  • APMG-International’s Projects In Controlled Environments version 2 (Prince2) common in government projects.
  • International Standards Organisation ISO:21500

Our project management service follows a 5 step framework lifecycle

1. Project Initiation

During the the project initiation phase our project management service consultants will:

  • Identify key stakeholders
  • Develop the Project Charter which outlines the following key components of the project
  • Document a description of the scope (what is being done)
  • Identify the early project budget
  • Identify critical dates and key milestones
  • Capture and mitigate key risks to the business and project
  • Identify business requirements and benefits to be achieved from the project
  • Document specific deliverables and outcomes the project needs to deliver

The Project Charter provides a 1-2 page overview of the project and documents the agreement between the business and the project team for the project.

2. Project Planning

A great project starts with a great plan. To ensure we deliver on time and on budget, our project management service consultants will dive deep into the planning process. Some of the key areas we will cover here are:

  • Collect requirements and project scope management plan
  • Estimate project duration and create project schedule
  • Estimate costs and prepare budget and cashflow forecasts
  • Define quality requirements and Quality Assurance frameworks
  • Develop Human Resource requirements and planning
  • Define and document communication requirements (internal and external)
  • Identify and mitigate project risks and create risk management plan
  • Identify procurement strategies
  • Create Project Management Plan

The Project Management Plan is the overarching document that combines all the individual plans and documents every aspect of the project and how it will be managed. Think of it as being like a business plan for the project.

3. Project Delivery

Prior to moving onto delivering the project, it is best practice to review the project plan in order to determine if the project requirements can be completed within the constraints of time, cost and performance requirements after the detailed project planning process. If the project proceeds then our consultants will move into the project delivery phase which include the following key criteria:

  • Assemble the project team
  • Manage stakeholder expectations
  • Project reporting
  • Quality assurance procedures

4. Project Control

To ensure the project follows the plan as closely as possible our project management consultants will control every aspect of the project using the project management plans as the baseline for any variation. The key functions of this stage are:

  • Control and manage change
  • Verify, control and manage scope
  • Monitor and control costs
  • Administer quality control
  • Conduct ongoing project reports
  • Monitor and control project risks
  • Manage project procurement

5. Project Closure

Once the project is done (and after the obligatory close-out and congratulations party,) the closing phase or project a review will be conducted to ensure all requirements were met:

  • Capture lessons learned
  • Prepare for handover
  • Finalise procurements
  • Prepare project close-out report and review
  • Initiate transition out

The thing that impressed us with Striking was the professional manner in the way they kept us updated throughout the project.

  – Brett Jarick, Executive Director, Titan Media Group

By signing up to Striking Group’s project management service you will receive:

Dedicated project manager

Our business-focused project managers are trained to international best practice standards. As the mastermind of your project, your personal dedicated Project Manager controls the scope of the project, brings costs in line, keeps everything on schedule, and resolves conflicts and unexpected problems.

Dedicated project team (if required)

Got a really big, critical project? Book your own dedicated Project Team. Our experts will all work together to achieve success for you.

Client access to our online project management system for complete transparency

As our client, you will gain access to our online project management system. This gives you unparalleled transparency and up-to-the-minute information regarding your project.

Monthly status reporting (unbranded reports optional)

You will also receive monthly project status reports that highlight the project achievements, schedule, and cash-flow. These can be provided unbranded so you can show your clients.

30 GB of secure data storage for project work and collaboration

We will give you 30 GB of secure cloud storage to facilitate collaboration between the project manager and project team. This is an ideal solution for collaboration with team-members in every corner of the globe.

Complete transparency

Everything we do is designed around complete transparency, you will be kept informed during the entire process.

With the constant delays from overseas we still shake our head in disbelief that not only did they complete the project but actually completed it ahead of schedule and under budget.

– Mark Fishwick, Chairman, Ambient Group

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