Project Management Consulting

We offer a range of project management consulting packages to suit every budget and business. If you’re already using Project Management in your business and would like to improve the way you manage projects, or not sure what the next steps are to improve your project management processes, then we have a project management consulting package to suit your needs.

Improve Your Chances Of Success With A Striking Project Management Consultant.

Our Project Management Consulting packages are ideal for growing companies who understand the value of project management and want to put tools in place to improve the way they do business. These engagements typically vary from a few days to several months or more.

I would safely say if Striking didn’t get involved, the project would have been delayed for sometime, effecting the running of our business.

– Mark Fishwick, Chairman, Ambient Group

Our Project Management Consulting Packages

Small Business Project Management Consulting & Coaching

Small businesses need to be efficient if they want to beat the big guys. Project management is one of the best ways to punch above your weight and compete with the best.

Work with me 1-on-1 in targeted sessions each month – 4 hours of video phone consulting, cut anyway you like, from a half day marathon session, or a 10 minutes power call and everything in between. Any project, any size. These sessions are designed to maximise results at a great price.

  • 24/7 email support during the entire month we are working together, with a maximum turnaround of 12 hours.
  • Ask me any questions you like, don’t hold back and neither will I. At the end of each session you will have clear action steps to put in place, ready for our next session. You might be surprised at how much we can cover in each session.
  • Bespoke, actionable advice to help you get projects done and grow your business.

You are probably expecting this to cost a small fortune? Nope. Our small business project management consulting package is only $1,200. That’ $1,200 per month. Not per session!

To enable me to keep these sessions personal and valuable, I only accept 10 1-on-1 clients each month. Book a free 15 minute no obligation discovery call to reserve your booking now.

Getting Technical Project Management Consulting & Coaching

Your team and business might be too big for the Small Business package, or you may prefer to work face-to-face. The Getting Technical Project Management Consulting package gets me working in your office for 12 hours per month, again distributed anyway you like.

I will work with you and your team, reviewing and implementing best practice project management systems designed to really boost performance. Some things just can’t be done as well remotely and these session are designed to really dig deep to get results quickly.

  • 24/5 email support for the month
  • 2 additional hours of video phone consulting free
  • Ask me anything or have me work with your team for the time. It’s your time, your call.

This package costs $3,000. That’s $3,000 per month! Not per day. Great value. All I ask is that you pay for travel if required. If you are flexible on the days, I can often combine it with other meetings in the area and save you or heavily discount the travel costs.

To keep these sessions valuable and personal, I can only maintain 5 clients per month with this package. Book a free 15 minute no obligation discovery call to secure your booking now.

Big Business. Big Projects Project Management Consulting

If you’re running big projects or have a geographically disbursed teams, then you have considerable needs that can’t be summarised here. You need a completely custom and bespoke solution.

Get in touch and we can spend some time to understand your business and requirements and put together a custom proposal that will suit your business and budget. Book a free 15 minute no obligation discovery call now


Remember All Our Project Management Consulting Packages Include:

30 GB Of Secure Data Storage For Project Collaboration

We will give you 30 GB of secure cloud storage to facilitate collaboration between the project management consultant and you project team. The ideal solution for collaboration with team-members around the world or across multiple offices.

Access To Any Templates Required

You will have access to any project management templates you may need for internal Project Management operations.

Custom Templates Developed For Your Business

If you need a bespoke project management process, then our project management consultant can create a customised set of templates tailored to your unique business.

1 On 1 Project Management Consulting In Your Business

Have a question? That’s why we’re here! I will be happy to point you in the right direction.


Is A Project Management Consultant Right For My Business?

The type of businesses our project management consulting has been designed for are businesses that want to get ahead of the competition by using the latest project management techniques and practices. They are usually turning over $2-10 million per annum and are starting to go through a growth phase or looking to reach that next growth phase. They have outgrown their current systems and process and not working with a coherent system. Many are also taking a hit on profits due to reaching a growth ceiling, errors, and process deficiencies.

By choosing a Striking Project Management Consulting package and working with a dedicated project management professional consultant in your business, you are sure to be given a tailored solution that suits the needs of your business. Your business will be known for getting things done.


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