What Can a Project Manager Do For Your Business?

business strategy through projectsThe new creators of business value is the Project Management Professional, how do project managers delivery value and why are they an integral component to any business.

The CPA of the 80’s and 90’s was identified as valuable to every business, those of you that have been in business over the last 10-15 years will remember the campaign by the accountancy industry “what can a CPA do for your business”. This initiative launched the careers of accountants world wide. They went from backroom excel wizards to executive level position rapidly. Now once excel operators are now either running businesses or sitting in key decision making decisions.

This is because the value proposition resonated within the business community, they saw this profession as one that could deliver tangible value to a business.

Project Managers are the new value creators

Fast forward to 2010 and the next wave of key value deliverers are the project management professionals (PMP). More and more businesses are realising the value that project managers offer in the business environment. They are coined as the new deliverers of  tangible business value. The next step for the Project Management profession will be for more businesses to engage project management professionals and place them in key business making positions in the upper echelons of the business.

This will see Senior Project Managers sitting in executive positions working with the executive teams to formulate the organisational strategy and capture the business benefits and translate them into well defined outcomes and deliverables.

The value of Project Management

Project managers are skilled and experienced in delivering specific outcomes within extremely tight constraints of time, cost, and quality. Due to their unique nature, projects are a high risk activity to undertake, in many cases a project is an innovation that is either new or being used in a different way.

Because of the nature of projects, they have very specific management techniques that differ from operational management. Operational management is about continuous improvement and incremental changes that optimise profits. Conversely, a project manager has only 1 shot to get it right. The Project Manager needs to balance the scope, time, quality and deliver the outcomes the business needs in order to create value from the project.

Business strategy and Project Management

For most businesses, the key to growth is a lean operational environment, a business needs to optimise its use of capital and provide value to their customers. In order to grain and sustain or grow they must innovate! These innovative initiatives may be to enter a new market, launch a new product, expand into a larger premisses, optimise their system, reduce waste, improve reporting and IT systems. Whatever the initiative is, it is certainly not part of their business as usual (BAU) activity. These initiatives really are “projects” and they should be delivered as projects, with a Project Manager leading this process

I predict within the next 10 years, senior project proffesionals will hold key strategic executive and board positions. The vice president of project delivery will be a seasoned Project Manager, an expert in delivering strategicly driven projects. Every executive team will include a project management executive that will be tasked with translating strategic direction into deliverable projects.

So I ask you, what can a project manager do for your business?


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