Project Management Software Reviews

Cloud based project management tools are a great way to jump in and start using project management, at affordable prices. This page is the hub for reviews of some of the better cloud project management tools that are suitable for a growing your SME.

 If you have managed any kind of project before, chances are you have tried looking for project management software to make the job of managing projects easier.

The problem is, when you start looking there are hundreds to choose from. The last time I looked, there was well over 350 project management software tools to choose from.

Project management software can certainly help with managing projects, as it gets you into some kind of framework and using the tools that are designed to help deliver projects. Don’t be complacent though, as not all project management software is created equal and just having a new tool will not ensure project success.

Over the course of the next few months, longer depending on how popular these reviews are, I will be reviewing project management software on its merits, what I like about it, what I didn’t and the type of projects or businesses I think it would be suited to.

This page will serve as the hub for all these reviews, all reviews are written by me on project management software I have used personally.

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