Agile Coaching

 Traditional Project Management Is Broken

Agile Coaching may help you if your struggling to see the value in your current convoluted project management systems and getting your project managers to follow all the procedures, then there is a good chance your project management process is too process orientated, with not enough focus on stakeholders or agility.

Traditional Project Management Problems

The process driven approach to project management is not right for some organisations or has just been taken too far, common problems business face are:

  • Lack of stakeholder and internal customer engagement
  • Weeks and months of planning and documenting with no results
  • Length planning processes causes people to lose interest and engagement

Agile Project Management

Agile has a different take on the world, its all about delivering value to end users as quickly as possible. If this means mocking up a user interface rather than a specification document, that that is what’s done.

What Can Agile Bring To Your Business

We forget that delivering projects is all about working with people, this is something Agile does extremely well and some of the benefits are:

  • Interactive workshops over lengthy documentation
  • Delivering tangible value over plans
  • Quick wins with earlier and constant benefits realisation
  • Improved team performance with flexible working styles
  • Self management
  • Improved visibility and transparency of the project process

How To Implement Agile

Unfortunately, there is no simple answer as each business is unique. Going complete Agile is unlikely to be suitable for most businesses as there is still some rigour around governance and documentation required.

Rather focus on removing documentation that is not really required and look at how lengthy planning processes can be reduced to smaller chunks in order to deliver something tangible faster.

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