How To Win Tenders

How To Win Tenders

Are you spending hours submitting tenders and never winning?

Not winning many tenders? or winning some tender but at reduced rates?

I’ll share some of the tips techniques and secrets that few people know about tendering and how to win tenders.

What Is A Tender And What Do I Know About Tendering?

As a client side Project Manager, I am often involved in a project from the early planning stage, through the procurement and then into the delivery stage.

During the procurement stage, and if a project is large enough, I might choose to approach the market via an open or closed tender process. The tender process is typically reserved for projects over $1 million dollars in value and is designed to result in the best value for money on the company or organisation issuing the request for tender.

During the project procurement phase, the project manager plays a key role in establishing the procurement risks and structuring the tender selection and evaluation criteria. Once the tender is issued, the project manager will usually chair or lead the evaluation team in the assessment and selection of the tender submissions (this may not be the case for some larger government tenders, but the tips here are still very valid).

As you can imagine, because of this, I see and evaluate a great deal of tenders, and I can honestly say that most tender submissions really do miss the mark… I would like to share 5 simple tips that you can consider in your next tender submission and hopefully increase your chance of success.

What Should A Tender Submission Include?

Your whole aim in submitting a tender is to prove to me that you are the most capable and least risk tenderer. Simple. If you can do that better than everyone else, you will be in a much better position to win tenders.

5 Tips For Winning Tenders

  1. Prove that you are the least risk tenderer
  2. Demonstrate your understanding of the tender requirements
  3. describe your methodology
  4. ensure suitable personnel are assigned to the job
  5. Complete all requested information

Like To Discover More Tender Winning Tips?

I am constantly asked to help clients and business in their tender writing, so I have decided to create a live webinar absolutely free, so that we can go a little deeper and share some of the inside strategies, tips and techniques to winning tenders. The recorded webinar can be found hereĀ Secrets to winning tenders webinar

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UPDATE: After reports of the hyperlink not working, I have added more seats to the webinar. But get in quick as the maximum limit is now only 500 attendees.

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  1. The link doesn’t work to register for the webinar

  2. Another way to win tenders, especially building construction projects, is by getting the service of a professional quantity surveyor.

  3. Chris

    Being in construction management full time as well as a full time uni student via correspondence, time is short so im always on the lookout for online information whether webinar, forums etc as a means of continously learning and improving the way I approach tendering, liasing with new/old clients and ultimately bringing in new projects.

    keep up the good work.



  4. Hi, where is the best place to find tenders for client side project management services?

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