Project Management Professional Development Costs and Personal Development Tax Cap

Ongoing professional development for a project management consultant can mean winning and losing business. The Australian Labour government has plans to place an annual cap of $2,000 on professional development tax rebates. For project management consultants and project professionals this could considerably hinder their professional growth. As a project management consultant, I make it a priority to continue my professional development and learn new and cutting edge concepts and processes for my clients. As a case … [Read more...]

Project Management Templates Every Project Should Use

Starting a project but not sure where to start? Project Management Templates are a great place to start Not sure how you should be documenting your projects? Try using these Click Here! Project management templates offer a simple and effective way to simplify your project management process by providing a great starting point. This article lists some of the benefits and project management templates every project should include. ¬†Project Management Templates Advantages There are hundreds of project templates and … [Read more...]